Conducting a Board of Directors Meeting

Conducting a board of director meeting allows the leaders of your company to discuss the company’s future take important decisions, and establish company policies. The success of your meetings depends on the quality of your discussions, and how well your board is. Board meetings also allow you to establish key performance indicators (KPIs) and monitor progress toward your organization’s goals.

A well-crafted agenda will help guide your board discussions and keep the meeting productive, efficient, and on point. Directors should be prepared for each board meeting by reading the agenda and papers for the board sent out before the meeting. This is an established procedure that guarantees everyone can participate in productive discussion.

The chair should confirm that a quorum is present when the meeting begins. This usually is done with a roll call which will determine who are in attendance to legally conduct business.

The board will then be able to hear reports from standing and special committees. The board members should then discuss the information presented. The board might need to spend more time with the issue to determine the most effective solution.

Directors must respect the opinions of others and refrain from using body language, whispering, or notes that undermine an individual’s view. Directors should be attentive and only speak when asked.

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