VPN and Antivirus Software

The Internet is a danger. From hackers and spying, to viruses and malware. However, there are many tools to help you fight back. Two of the most popular are virtual private networks (VPNs) and antivirus software.

While antivirus software protects your network and devices by stopping and repelling malware, VPNs provide digital privacy by hiding your IP address. Although it is possible to obtain both from standalone providers however, many antivirus providers offer VPN services as part of their suites.

While bundling can be convenient however, it can also limit capabilities and also add costs. For instance, VPNs that are integrated with antivirus software may have limited servers or data caps and may not include advanced features such as a kill switch. Separate VPN providers usually provide a more comprehensive service with more security features.

PIA offers a full suite of antivirus software, including real-time and instantaneous virus scanning and cloud-based updates to malware definitions, thorough security reports as well as protection against spyware and other threats like trojans and rootkits. Its VPN is compatible with both mobile and desktop devices It also has zero-logs and split tunneling policy, and supports 10 simultaneous connections. This combination of VPN and antivirus is perfect to those who are looking for total security. However, stand-alone providers can also provide excellent security services that are similar or superior to the ones offered by PIA.

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